About Us

Hi everyone! I’m Paige. My husband, Jeff, and I began BohoDrift in Spring of 2017 as a wild family adventure! Jeff dreamed of starting an ecommerce business and the more we talked about it together, the more I wanted to be part of it. My husband had just become a licensed Realtor®, we just had our second baby, and for some crazy reason we thought it would be a good time to launch BohoDrift!

Initially we started our Utah-based boutique with bohemian style jewelry (hence the name BohoDrift). After a few months we gradually added kimonos, which then led to dresses, tops and bottoms. We didn’t stick to true bohemian style clothing after that, but we still love to add some fun boho flare!

BohoDrift is all about modest, comfortable, trendy clothing and accessories that make fashion easy and affordable. You can look and feel confident without breaking the bank. Life is more enjoyable when you love what you’re wearing!


P.O. Box 424 HOOPER, UT 84315