Magnetic Eyelashes FAQ

Ok, now for some magnetic eyelash nitty gritty FAQ:

Q: Do magnetic eyelashes really work?
A: Yes!!! Click here to check out my recent blog post to get the complete details on the easiest application method! You can watch my eyelash application and removal video tutorial here on YouTube.

Q: How long do the magnetic lashes last?
A: One set on average lasts 15-31 uses. It all depends on how often you wear them and if you handle the lashes with care. I probably go through two sets of Drift Pixie lashes in about 3 months. Never pull on the lash hairs, they are delicate! This can damage the lash hairs and/or cause magnets to fall off. Once a magnet is off, they're done-for. Always SLIDE the magnets apart horizontally to release them. This preserves the magnets and also your natural lashes when removing the falsies. 

Q: What set is your favorite?
A: The Drift Magnetic Lash - Pixie Style! This set is my favorite because it's the most natural looking but still gives me volume and length. Shop here!

Q: Are the lashes heavy?
A: I've never had extensions, I tried glue-on lashes twice (without much success) so yes, I noticed a little weight at first. Over time, I got used to that and now it doesn't bother me. The more extravagant the lashes = more weight, but not by much.

Q: I am allergic to the glue used to apply eyelash extensions. Will these work for me?
A: I've had ladies try these who are allergic to extension glue, and I have yet to have one complain. So far, so good!

Q: Do you wear mascara?
A: YES, but only on my NATURAL LASHES! This helps prevent the magnetic lashes from sliding off your natural lash hairs. Apply a light layer of mascara to your natural lashes, let that DRY COMPLETELY, and then apply the magnetic lashes. You don't want to put the falsies into wet mascara or else it will act like cement when you're ready to take them off. Which can then damage both your natural and fake lashes. DO NOT EVER PUT MASCARA ON YOUR MAGNETIC EYELASHES! Did I stress that enough?!

Q: Do you apply them everyday?
A: No, not me. Laundry day? Nope. Lazy day? Nope. I pretty much wear mine 2-3 times a week to events, church, date night, family parties, those kinds of places. Some people do wear them everyday. The magnetic lashes must be removed every night to sleep, for swimming, doctor or dentist appointments/procedures, if experiencing eye sensitivity, etc. There's a list of when not to wear them in the product description and/or package instructions. 

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xo- Paige

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