The Easiest Application Method For Magnetic Eyelashes!

I get asked a lot - and I mean A LOT, if Magnetic Lashes really work? My answer, Yes, yes and yes they sure do! Here's a few tips that will help YOU become a magnetic eyelash pro! You can watch my application and removal video tutorial here on YouTube.

First and foremost, practice is key!! You have to be willing to practice applying magnetic lashes. Sit down in front of a mirror and just practice! Don't buy magnetic eyelashes three days before the big dance at school or right before your big job interview and expect to apply them exactly perfectly right the first time.  

Next, I tried keeping the lashes "whole" meaning exactly how they come in the package. That was hard work. I tried for an hour and was sooo frustrated. The magnets would connect to one another when I wasn't ready. It was a nightmare. I was beginning to second-guess my purchase until I tried this... here's the GAME CHANGER!!! The biggest tip I can share with you is to cut the bottom lashes into three individual pieces (see photo below) so each individual piece has one magnet. Leave the top lash whole. This way you can hold your top eyelash in place on your eyelid and bring each individual bottom piece underneath to sandwich your natural upper eyelashes between the micro-magnets. I prefer to use tweezers when applying each of the bottom pieces but using my fingers works great too.

Magnetic eyelashes are flat out fun and freaking awesome! They give you a WOW factor without being crazy expensive like extensions.

When trying pick your first set of magnetic lashes, if you're unsure what style, go for the Pixie Style. It's the best for magnetic lash-wearing beginners!

XO- Paige

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