Don't Let COVID-19 Ruin Your Easter Traditions!

This COVID-19 social distancing has really begun to take it's toll on me.  Ugh!  Yesterday was my first day to sincerely struggle with social distancing.  I just want normal life back!  I miss seeing extended family, I miss birthday parties, I miss school, I miss church, I miss people!  While I LOVE time with just my little family, I realize how hard it is to be everything for my children.  They miss their school teachers, primary teachers, cousins, neighborhood friends and grandparents.  And I miss them too.  This time is memorable and we've had to grow stronger as a family unit; that I'll keep forever!

I wanted to share something I have learned, and that is to keep things as normal as possible.  This can be tricky since the world around us is not functioning as normal.  So, my small bit of advice for the upcoming Easter weekend (while obeying all social distancing laws of course) is to do everything you would have done if things were as usual.  This weekend all our family Easter egg hunts have been cancelled, so for my little family we're having our first ever "just us" backyard Easter egg hunt and my kids are so excited!  Honestly, I am too!!  It's something to look forward to with an attempt to restore normal Easter TRADITIONS.  We have no where to go on Easter but my daughter and I will still be getting EASTER DRESSES! Why? Because it's fun, because it's what we've always done and have always loved about Easter Sunday, it's TRADITION and COVID-19 doesn't need to change that.  We'll have fun new dresses to wear when this is all over and we'll be extra excited to wear them when we're back to church!  Try to create a new normal with whatever we can restore from our old normal. 

While each day brings uncertainty and rising COVID-19 numbers do your part to stay home when possible.  Focus on what YOU can do to stay healthy and what YOU can do to maintain a positive outlook.  Make the best out of what you can during this crazy time.  You can do this, and I can too!

xo-Paige Easter Fun Ideas From Home!

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