Get REAL beauty rest YOU deserve!

Want in on the easiest beauty secret ever?  Do you spend unspeakable amounts of money on hair conditioners and skin care creams?  Do you want clearer skin or stronger hair? ... Then do yourself a favor, and get yourself a satin pillowcase!  It is by far the easiest and simplest way to promote and/or maintain healthy hair and skin.  A satin pillowcase will give you the true beauty rest you deserve!

Satin pillowcases have sooo many benefits for you skin and hair!

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Reduces morning facial folds (aka creases on your face after waking up)

  • Reduces skin wrinkles 

  • Reduces hair tangles, breakage, loss, frizz and static

  • Protects your delicate eyelashes and eyebrows

  • Protects your hair's natural shine

  • Helps you sleep cooler

  • Improves your facial complexion

If these benefits don't win you over, the smooth silky soft feel sure will!  Plus, satin pillowcases are super classy and elegant.

Click here to purchase our HANDMADE Luxury Crushed Satin Pillowcases.  Available in 8 colors - my personal favorite is the color black!  I definitely LOVE the bold red color too if you're wanting a romantic feel, or if you're giving one as a Valentine's gift.  A satin pillowcase with some chocolates or flowers sound absolutely perfect!

I will be doing a GIVEAWAY soon for three pillowcases, so make sure you're following @bohodrift on Facebook and Instagram to enter to WIN!

xo- Paige, Owner

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